Client of the Month: Amy Wilkinson and Sherri Goldman

GoGo Fit, Client of the Month: Amy and SherriMeet our newest clients of the month, Amy and Sherri!

Amy and Sherri have been working with us for nearly a year and have been an absolute delight. You know that feeling when you just know that a client wants to be working with you? It makes every session relaxing, fun and worthwhile.

Amy and Sherri work together in a GoGo group. We’ve been focusing on mixing regular fitness training (squats, pushups, etc) with cardio to give them a full-body, comprehensive workout. Amy and Sherri also came to me over the summer with the goal of shedding a couple pounds, so we took a bit of time to not only examine their workout regiment but also what they’re eating and how we can modify that to give them the best chance of success. Now, months later they’ve lost the weight they wanted and are feeling great.

Congrats Amy and Sherri!