Get the most out of your one-on-ones


One-on-ones are a great opportunity to really dive deep into your personal fitness, but as with all things sometimes we don’t get the most out of our investments. Here’s a couple tips to help you do just that!

Lets Find Out What Hurts

On of the best parts of one-on-ones is that your fitness trainer can directly address your needs. Building a fitness plan around aches and pains is crucial both in helping ease the pain as much as it is is avoiding aggravating pain. Make sure to properly communicate that to your trainer and you’ll be amazed by the ways they can help!

Lets Set Goals

You set goals in your life, you set goals at work, why not set goals for your fitness? To take full advantage of your one-on-ones your trainer and you need to be on the same page about what you want to work on. Want to strengthen your back? Lets set a goal. Want to get your legs back in shape? Lets set a goal. Your trainer will be more than happy to help you along that path to get where you want to be.

Lets Create a Post Workout Plan

One-on-ones are great for working on technique and getting personalized fitness training, but they they aren’t the fitness end-all-be-all. A lot of your fitness training happens outside of those sessions. Work with your trainer to create a plan for when you’re not together, be it cardio or strength training, talk with them about what would be best to do when they’re not around.