GoGo Groups

gogo-groupsGoGo Groups are our group training classes. We invite our clients to get a group of friends together who are trying to get going, set a time and place, and we’ll meet you there! It’s that simple.

Working with a group is a great way to add variety to your fitness routines, addressing a group’s needs can uncover new workouts and areas of fitness that you would have never focused on yourself! Length, duration, and intensity are all chosen by the group- our trainers will create a unique-to-the-group workout plan to work within those parameters.

The built-in versatility of the GoGo Groups is part of our commitment to our clients- no matter where they are in their fitness training or their actual location. We want them to get going.

Share the Journey!

To organize a GoGo Group please contact Sue Teoli (203) 623-3112.